Find the key to the Book of Fortune.

What would you do if you came across a briefcase full of cash that was locked with a combination lock but you didn’t know the combination? Or find a complex riddle that, once completed, will yield a fortune that will change your life forever? All of us have, at one time or another, thought something very similar. There aren’t many people carrying around briefcases full of cash, but thanks to Netent’s newest slot machine, we can all experience that same rush of adrenaline. Codex of Fortune is a game where you play to win rewards that can be worth up to ten thousand times your initial wager.

How to Play Codex of Fortune

There are five reels and four rows in Codes of Fortune. The reels are displayed in a copper scrolled frame, and a huge cryptex machine sits to the left of them. A vertical barrel divided with five numbered segments for rotation. Viewers of The Da Vinci Code will be familiar with the cryptex, a secret combination lock. If you can crack the cryptex, you can get your hands on the Codex of Fortune.

This slot game features a whopping forty paylines. Reel icons range from high card values (J, Q, K, and A) to five elaborately designed animals. Wilds are represented by a butterfly, and Scatters by a peacock. As you play to unlock the secrets of the Codex of Fortune, you’ll be treated to gorgeous images and a haunting, cryptic soundtrack.

The Wheel of Fortune Turns and Turns Again

Any ordinary win combined with two scatter symbols on the reels activates the cryptex. Fortune Wins and Fortune Re-Spins are both activated at this point.

When the cryptex is activated via the Fortune Wins function, a jewel meter will first show. The meter is filled by collecting winning symbols from the reels, which are then frozen in place. Special reels will be used to spin, which will only feature empty spaces and the winning symbol. The meter will keep adding up as long as you keep collecting the same symbol. Those supplementary icons will remain in place, and a re-spin will be granted. You’ll keep earning free spins until there are no more winning combinations.

All the while, the jewel meter will be steadily filled with each sign that contributes to a win. When the meter reaches its maximum, you’ll move up the cryptex barrel by one rung. If you manage to reach the pinnacle, you’ll be rewarded with a unique prize after entering the correct combination to activate the device. You can win anywhere from 150 times your bet to 10,000 times your bet over seven different reward tiers.

Your initial level is 1. During Fortune Re-Spins, you can advance a tier if the Key symbol appears anywhere on the reels. At the conclusion of Fortune Re-Spins, you have the option of saving the keys and having the level reset to 1 before your prize is paid, or taking the improved awards made possible by the key or keys already earned. Any unspent keys can be used during the Free Games bonus round.

Lucky Free Turns

If you are lucky enough to land three scatter symbols, you will activate the Free Games bonus round. The Fortune Re-Spins feature gives you the option to use any previously saved keys. If you do, the Fortune Wins feature will be upgraded with up to three keys during the entire free spins bonus round.

The number of free games you will receive (7–13), the number of extra keys you will receive, and the collectible symbol that will be in play are all determined by a wheel you spin. To gain access to the cryptex, just like in the main game, collectible symbols will fill the Fortune Wins meter.

Can You Expect to Get Rich?

You’ll want to keep playing Codex of Fortune for hours on end just to see how far you can get. Seven stages of increasing difficulty and a jackpot worth 10,000 times your initial investment should keep you engaged for quite some time.

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