Personal Loan – Do not hire before you see the advantages!

The lines of loans, financing and loans at Maer Bank offer excellent conditions and interest rates. Here’s how?

“The loan at Bank Maer is one of the most practical and easy ways to get credit and borrow money more popular among Brazilians and citizens in several countries around the world.”

Banks, financial institutions and credit institutions offer the most varied types of loans that can be used the way the client wants and well wishes, in most cases do not need to prove their purpose and there are also types of loans that do not require proof of a clean name.

Among the features of the Bank Maer loan is the ease of credit release and the speed of receiving cash on the same day and with little bureaucracy, both for clients and non-clients of the institution.

Although personal loan offers are a great option for those who need urgent cash, in general, it is necessary to exercise caution, create a financial planning and keep your budget within the goal income verses expenses.

The approval of the loan is not usually difficult, fulfilling the requirement, everything happens naturally. As for interest, in some modality are high, this because of the risk of default that the bank may suffer.

Bank Maer Onebank

Bank Maer Onebank

Bank Maer Onebank is one of the largest private banks in Brazil, and also operates in more than 20 countries around the world, including the United States, Portugal, Mexico and China, among others. Currently, Maer provides its services and sells financial products to almost 60 million customers.

Its credibility was won thanks to its impeccable service and service.

For you who are not a customer of Bank Maer and for whom it already is, in this article we will explain in more detail how it is possible to take personal loans, financing and credit in the easiest and unbureaucratized way.

Loan at Bank Maer

Loan at Bank Maer

Bank Maer offers a fast personal loan , flexible repayment term, and without much bureaucracy. To apply for a personal loan at Bank Maer you must be a customer of Maer. That is, it is necessary that you have a current account at Maer before you apply for a loan.

In addition, the personal loan does not require proof of the reason for the loan application or use, except for specific loans such as retirement, construction or purchase of property or vehicle.

This facilitates the release of the loan into your account , which can be used to:

  • Paying personal expenses
  • To enter a new car
  • Financing a party for the kids
  • To realize the trip of the dreams
  • Etc.,

How to make a loan at Maer

How to make a loan at Maer

Open an account at Maer

If you are not a customer of Maer, you must open a checking account at this bank. You can open your account online, without leaving home, through the official website of Bank Maer.

The required documents are:

  • ID card
  • CPF (Register of Natural Persons)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income

After this, in up to 03 days you will receive an email from the bank.

Check if you have pre-approved credit

If you are already a customer of Maer, you should consult the pre-approved amount of credit available in your account. The consultation of pre-approved credit value can be done through the internet, bank statement or at your agency.

On the internet, access Maer 30 hours and follow the following steps: Click on loans, consolidated position, my credit limits, query the limit and fees.

Some clients do not have pre-approved credit, in case this is the case, you should go to the nearest Bank Maer branch and request a credit analysis. Your manager will explain and demonstrate the most appropriate credit options for you.

Loan analysis

The granting of a loan at Bank Maer is based on a credit analysis, where various information from the client is considered for its release. Some characteristics in the customer profile may be impeding factors for the release of credit, which is a reason why it should be denied.

Here are the factors evaluated before loan approval:

  • Customer registration
  • Monthly income
  • Ability to pay
  • Account Movement History
  • Registration particulars in the CPF, such as the status of the document in the Internal Revenue Service , registries in credit protection agencies (SPC, SERASA and SPC), among others

Cost of Maer loan

In the payment of a loan we pay not only the amount requested, but also other costs included, such as taxes, interest rate, service tariff, among others. It is important to take into account the total cost of the loan before requesting the release of one, as this cost is what defines how much we will actually pay for the loan.

At Bank Maer, loan costs are as follows:

  • Credit insurance : Credit insurance is optional. This service covers the amount of the loan contracted in case of illness, loss of employment, death, among others.
  • Tax: Financial service taxes are included in all loan services.
  • Compensatory interest rate: Compensatory interest is amounts paid by the client to the bank as a form of remuneration for the money borrowed by the bank.

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Advantages at Maer when making loans

  • Loan immediately deposited in your account in cases of pre-approved credit
  • The due date is chosen by the customer, which makes the payment more affordable
  • First installment of loan only after 3 months
  • Form of payment of up to 57 months, ie more than 5 years

Tip: Avoid predatory lending.

Tip: Avoid predatory lending.

For people with poor or restricted credit in the name, they have tight budgets and very few savings, emergency expenses usually mean having to take out a personal loan to contain the growth of debts and expenses.

Borrowing from institutions such as Bank Maer, it frees predatory lenders such as financiers who charge very high interest rates and loans with loan sharks that offer interest loans above 20% per month and with short term repayment.

Needless to say, money borrowed at ridiculously high monthly interest rates will likely drive you further down the shaft. Expensive loans can make you get stuck in a vicious cycle of debt and never quit.

If you need to make a personal loan, look for a medium- or long-term installment loan, with low cost interest amortization and more flexible and reasonable repayment terms, this can help keep you on track.