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As soon as you get used to the freedom of a car, you do not want anything else. At that moment, you start dreaming about your own car. But how can you borrow money for a car loan?

Those looking for a cheap car loan usually look for a loan for a small amount to repay in the short term. For a first car, you do not usually choose the most expensive at the dealership, you opt instead for a decent used car or a new car at a lower price range. For that, you do not want to take a big share of your savings.

A car loan has a term that is legally determined and depends on the amount you borrow. You can not choose your repayment period yourself. In any case, you benefit from a fixed interest rate. In most cases, you can also purchase balance-of-duty insurance for a car loan. This means that your bank will repay the loan if you die before your loan is repaid. In this way, you save your family from heavy burdens and debts.

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How much can I borrow for a car loan?

More and more people are choosing to take out a loan from It often goes faster and it’s easy. This is very useful when you need the money immediately. 

Before you buy a car loan, you must compare several banks to choose the formula with the lowest interest rate. You must also know in advance how much you want to borrow. This will allow you to establish a budget for yourself. Aside from the purchase price, there are still a lot of costs involved. You need a one-off payment for the license plate application (€ 30), the registration certificate (€ 26) and the vehicle registration tax that depends on your age, the capacity of your car and of the area where you live. Then there are also regular costs such as fuel, road tax, maintenance, inspections, possible repair costs, and insurance.

Because maintenance, repair and insurance costs often increase faster with a used car, people often opt for a new car. In addition, it is usually young people who leave for a used car. A survey conducted by Car-Pass shows that 80% of young people under 35 opt for a used car and that one in two respondents has already bought a car at the age of 20. They often do it with the help of their parents or a car loan.